Force Fetch Training

Whenever one envisions a retriever bringing back a mature drake mallard during a duck hunt, all the moments held crisp in one's minds relate to the force fetch. If you‘ve ever been pheasant hunting and a keen, rascally, wounded rooster gets the best of your inaccurate shot, it all relates to the force fetch. Whether you wish your dog to play catch with a tennis ball, compete in agility tests, or make a 400 hundred yard retrieve in a field trial competition, it all relates to the teaching of the Force fetch.

Force Fetch Defined

The force fetch is the training process in which one teaches a dog the mechanics of going out, picking up, and returning with the desired object (a retrieve). This process in taught in an order by which the dog achieves the goal of delivering the object to the handler's hand obediently and reliably, no matter what obstacles may be in the dog's path.

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Why Train the Force Fetch?

If your dog is going out to an object you wish for him to retrieve, then leaving it to go off and investigate other interests in the field, you might consider teaching the force fetch. If your dog is picking up the object and turning away from you only to run, romp, and play rather than returning to you, you may consider the force fetch. If your dog is picking up the object and bringing it back only to play tug-of-war when you try to take the object, one may consider the force fetch.

These are just a few examples of why one should consider teaching the force fetch. However, there are hundreds of reasons to teach the force fetch. Every unwanted behavior associated with the act of retrieving can be changed for the better by teaching the force fetch.

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